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Stop the vandalism

Both political parties want the ripoffs to stop

Stop the vandalism

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - Vandals are hitting yards and other locations to steal political signs.  I learned that more than one hundred signs of both parties have been ripped or ripped off.  

Dr. Harry Anderson is an Obama supporter.  He noticed on Monday that the sign in front of his Broadmoor area house and the one on the side of his home were gone.  He told me, "It's cowardly and reprehensible.  The thieves stole my property and more importantly, this is the only way I can say openly how I feel about the political situation."  

In the Gleneagle area, more than a dozen signs have been pilfered.  Dave Elsass showed me his trunk full of Romney signs that he's handing out to neighbors after their signs were stolen or vandalized.  Elsass told me, "I feel violated.  A few years ago, it was kids that messed with my Christmas lights.  Someone comes into your yard and they are messing with your stuff.  It's the same thing as the signs.  There is no excuse for it."

The signs are roughly five dollars apiece, so the vandalism adds up.

This is a Joint Statement from the El Paso County Democratic Party and the El Paso Republican Party about the ripoffs:

"Eli Bremer, chair of the El Paso Republican Party and Kathleen Ricker, chair of the El Paso County Democratic Party, have joined together in asking the community to respect the property of residents and the individual beliefs of our neighbors.
"Emotions run high during the election season and we all want to support our candidates.  Showing that support, however, should never include destroying the opposition's campaign signs  It is a crime to steal or destroy signs," stated Kathleen Ricker.
"All that vandalism does is leave trash lying around our beautiful city.  There is no need for either side to be doing this sort of thing," added Eli Bremer.
Campaigns spend thousands of dollars each campaign on their campaign yard signs.  It does not help either side to have these signs stolen or destroyed.  Both parties also encourage anyone who has had their vehicles or other property vandalized to contact the Colorado Springs Police Department, or the El Paso County Sheriff's Office."

So far, no arrests have been made of the people who are behind these thefts.

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