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Stopping speeders in El Paso County

Sheriff's deputies trying to stem tide

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - The buzz on our social media sites is that there are too many speeders on some roads in El Paso County.  I talked with Lt Jeff Kramer about what's being done right now to stem the tide of speeders and deadly accidents.  

The 1A vote to increase Sherrif's Office staff will help. However Lt. Kramer tells me that around early summer we will likely see 10-15 extra patrol deputies.  They will have completed training and are on their own to make an impact.  We will see an extra 18-20  staffers moving to patrol after a 14 week field training program.  They won't be on their own until late summer.

Lt. Kramer told me that there are 60 deputies on patrol right now. Marked units run radar, "It's a moving radar system which means deputies don't have to be stationary on the side of the road and can be traveling and detect speeders coming at them or closing in on them.  These are multiple direction radar units." 

Lt. Kramer also reminded me about the current seven person traffic unit on duty right now, in addition to the marked units with radar.  They have a tip line to respond to your concerns about chronic traffic related problems that you see in neighborhoods or business areas.  That number is 719-520-7192.  Lt. Kramer said they listen to every call that comes in and make decisions about enforcement based on those calls, "This tip line is very widely used and the deputies don't have a shortage of complaints to respond to and keep them busy."

You can also call the main line at the El Paso County Sheriff's Office at 719-390-5555 to report a chronic or isolated traffic problem.


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