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Storm water erosion summit

Storm water erosion summit.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - City and county officials gathered Tuesday at Sand Creek in Colorado Springs to bring awareness to the storm water erosion problems across the region.

Amy Lathen with the El Paso County Commissioners said, "this is a decades old problem. This conversation, similar to todays, started decades ago."

Officials said that the over looking of the problem has resulted in damage to infrastructure.

"An eroding stream is effecting utility infrastructure, we have waste water pipes, water pipes and we have gas pipes that are being exposed due to erosion in this (Sand Creek) channel", according to Gary Bostrom with Colorado Springs Utilities.

The common factor decades ago and now is funding, but the task force hopes that everyone in the region can assist in funding the projects since everyone can be impacted by the eroding storm water.

The task force hopes to be able to begin fixing the problems by next year.

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