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Stormwater drainage projects nearly complete

stormwater projects

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Several months and $550,000 later, two storm water drainage projects are nearly complete.

The goal is simple: prevent massive flooding.  At Douglas Creek alone, the scene has gone from five basins to one.

"Knowing that this basin is in place in order to protect the homes downstream from us is a great weight off the shoulders," said Aaron Windsor, Executive Director of Flying W Ranch.

Those five basins were no match for the deluge that swept through both creeks last September.

"It was supposed to be a 10 year fix. But they all filled upm" said Tim Mitros, Development Review and Storm Water Manager for the City of Colorado Springs. "So we got our heads together to find a larger one, that's cleanable, that our street division can get in here and clean out if it fills up again."

Since then, the Flying W Ranch has been in meetings with city officials and construction companies.

The result, in part, massive basins at Douglas and Camp Creek.

Two of the biggest creeks that could prevent massive future floods.

"This is definitely an improvement because it is a cleanable facility," Mitros said. "Our street division will be pulling material out, checking after every storm. We do not want it to get in our storm water systems."

Construction officials are proud of the progress they've made so far, but they also know this fight and fear of floods is far from over. It could take another fifty years before the burn scars recover, meaning a lot of monitoring in these areas.

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