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Strong Winds Blow Tumbleweeds Across El Paso and Pueblo Counties Ahead of Winter Storm

Yoder residents try to clear tumbleweeds from homes, fences and roads

Tumbleweeds Return to Yoder

YODER, Colo. - Folks living in Eastern El Paso and Pueblo Counties are once again getting covered by tumbleweeds.

High winds started blowing more tumbleweeds into the Yoder area this morning and by this afternoon fences and roads were already covered.

Roy Holley spent the morning trying to uncover his motorcycle and camper which were covered by tumbleweeds in just a few hours. He says he wants to get rid of as many as he can before it snows. "It's going to be stuck and a lot of people who haven't had the opportunity to dig out like I was earlier, they're going to have a big mess and the longer it sets the harder it's going to be to get rid of them and when they get wet they won't just blow away like they are now so what do you do with them," asks Holley.

Many roads in Eastern El Paso and Pueblo Counties have been completely covered by the tumbleweeds just this afternoon so if you're driving out there be careful, some roads may be impassable.

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