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Strong winds cause problems for people in southern Colorado

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Strong winds left their mark in southern Colorado Thursday morning (1/30/14).

There were areas in Huerfano and El Paso Counties that experienced wind gusts of 70 mph.

Allison Curtis wasn't happy that her tree had fallen.

"We were a little disappointed. We came out and saw it this morning. You don't expect it," she said.

Michael Hoffman's tree was knocked down because of the heavy winds.

"I was just amazed. I came out this morning and was surprised to see it lay out on the street," he said.

Hoffman said drivers were wondering what happened to his tree, but their curiosity could have created more problems.

"Accidents almost happened. People are interested and looking back," he said.

The wind not only blew down trees, but it also left a wall of tumbleweeds on a road in the Security/Widefield area.

Colorado Springs Utilities also had a busy day as strong winds caused a power outage for 56 customers on Pines Oaks Road, near Fort Carson, for four hours.

Hoffman plans on dumping his fallen tree.

"The plan is now to cut it up and get it out of the street. We're going to start chopping it and pile it up," he said.

Hoffman doesn't know what is going replace the tree.

If you have a fallen tree and you want more information on what to do with it, you can call the City of Colorado Springs Forestry Department at 385-5942.

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