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Study finds online pornography easily accessible to kids

LONDON - 46-percent of teens polled by a British think tank said that sending sexual or naked photos and videos is part of everyday life for teenagers.

It's one of the many statistics to come from a report released this week by the Institute for Public Policy Research, or IPPR. The IPPR bills itself as "the UK's leading progressive think tank."

An infographic released on the IPPR's Twitter account says the methodology of the study involved interviewing 500 18-year-olds about sex and relationships.

The study found that teens typically begin accessing pornography online between the ages of 13 and 14, and that the majority of teens feel that it is too easy for young people to accidentally access pornography online.

Here are some other highlights from the study:

  • 77% of young women believe that pornography has led to pressure on girls to look a certain way.
  • 75% of young women and 56% of young men believe pornography has led to pressure on young women to act a certain way.
  • 70% agree that pornography can have a damaging impact on young people's view of sex and relationships
  • 66% of young women and 20% of young men agree it would be easier growing up if pornography was less easy to access.
  • 40% of young women and 21% of young men agree that pornography leads to unrealistic attitudes about sex.
  • 45% of young men and 29% of young women agree that pornography helps young people learn about sex.

Researchers also asked the teens about sex and relationship education in the classroom:

  • 68% said sex and relationship education should be taught by an expert.
  • 40% said sex and relationship education should be taught by someone external.
  • 19% said sex and relationship education should be taught by a teacher.

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