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Study: Pueblo ranked among unhealthiest counties in the state

PUEBLO, Colo. - A study shows Pueblo is ranked near the bottom for health.

That's according to the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute, which studies more than 3,000 counties, including 59 in Colorado.

Pueblo County is ranked 49th out of 59 for overall health, but as for health behavior, which includes physical inactivity and adult obesity, the county ranks 56th out of 59.

But the health group Kaiser Permanente gave the City of Pueblo a $100,000 grant to encourage people to walk and bike.

City Bike and Pedestrian Coordinator Stephanie Chambers is one of the leaders of the healthier lifestyle movement in Pueblo.

She said the money will go toward bike lanes, signs, walking trails and bringing more awareness of the places Pueblo has where people can be active.

Chambers also said the goal of the grant is to get the exercise community together to make Pueblo a healthier a place.

Pueblo resident Leslie Oreskovich said hearing the city encourage more people to exercise motivates her to reach her ultimate goal.

"I want to do the Incline with my sister, I promised her," she said.

Douglas County is ranked as the healthiest county according to the study, while Huerfano is the unhealthiest. El Paso County is 32nd.

To view the rankings click here.

To view trails in Pueblo click here.

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