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Study says new moms rival teens behind the wheel

New moms are among the most distracted drivers according to a new study.  

American Baby and Safe Kids Worldwide surveyed 2,396 mothers and finds their behavior behind the wheel rivals teens.

The study blames fatigue for being a major factor.  It says new moms sleep on average five hours and 20 minutes per night.

"You are losing more sleep than you ever have in your life," said mother of two Lindsay Mitchell.

It also blames tending to a baby, talking on a cell phone, not paying attention to speed limits as other reasons.

"Because (my daughter's) car seat is backwards, I wouldn't attend to her anyway.  But usually the problem is wanting to get home quickly to take care of her," admits Mitchell.

But Mitchell says she tries to avoid driving when she can.  She limits her time in the car to just important trips like doctor's appointments.

In recent weeks, two deadly car crashes involved mothers.  Last week, state patrol troopers say an Ordway woman was likely distracted when she lost control on Highway 96.  Her six-year-old passenger was killed.

In February, a Fountain mother died when she rolled her car on Interstate 25.  Her daughter and niece also had serious injuries.  Troopers say the cause of that crash is still under investigation.

Almost 10 percent of new moms surveyed  had an accident with their baby on board.  The study says that's nearly three time the rate in the general population.

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