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Supporters rally behind Giron, others work to recall senator

Supporters rally behind Giron

PUEBLO, Colo. - As a recall effort to get state Sen. Angela Giron, D-Pueblo, out of office continues, her supporters are rallying around her.

About 75 people gathered at the Pueblo County Courthouse on Wednesday in favor of Giron. They're upset many Puebloans want her out of office because of her votes on a package of recent gun laws.

"I'm here today because I support our senator and I totally support our new gun laws despite being a multiple weapons owner," said Igne Burbank.

Burbank is upset about the recall effort. A group, Pueblo Freedom and Rights, is collecting signatures to get Giron out of office-- a recall that could cost about a quarter of a million dollars.

"I've got a real simple answer for it-- she can resign," said Victor Head, who's leading the recall effort.

For the past six weeks, Head's been gathering signatures. He needs 11,500 of them by June 10. Gun shops, like Arctic Shooting Supply, have become main hubs for getting those signatures.

"If you look at all the people that come in to sign the petitions, there's probably, I don't know, 40-50 percent of them are Democrats," said Brad Emerson, co-owner of Arctic Shooting Supply.

Back at the courthouse, Giron's supporters said a recall is not the answer for disagreeing with a politician. They said a recall should be reserved for cases of fraud and abuse.

"I see my mom pouring her heart and soul into this job, and so as her daughter and as someone who sees that, it's disheartening when people are hateful," said Melanie Bravo, Giron's daughter.

Bravo said she has no problem with people disagreeing with her mom. It's how they've done it that upsets her.

Giron wasn't able to attend the rally because she was in Denver, finishing the legislative session. She said she's not surprised by the recall and thanked those who've supported her.

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