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Surprise homecoming for double-amputee

Lance Cpl. Colton Carlson arrived in his hometown of Pueblo on Wednesday to hundreds of community members waving American flags, holding signs and cheering him on.

"Mostly this is a surprise to me. It's amazing," said Carlson.

A motorcade lead by the Pueblo American Legion, the Pueblo Police Department and Pueblo Fire Department escorted Carlson and his family to their house. Students lined the street welcoming the Marine home as the motorcade drove by Risley Middle School.

"It's incredible. Way above and beyond anything I expected," said Leslie Carlson, Colton's mother.

Carlson has been at the Walter Reed Army Hospital in Maryland for the past six months after having both legs amputated.

"There was an IED we hadn't detected. We swept it three times, rolled it with a mine roller. There was an IED and I stepped on it. It took both my legs right on the spot," said Carlson.

He was in Afghanistan on his second deployment with the Marines. He had only been there three months when the explosion took place.

Carlson said recovery has been quick and that he has been healing fast. After one month in the hospital, he was walking on prosthetic legs.

"I still have a lot of work to do as far as walking," he said.

His father, Scott, said he is proud of his son.

"He was destined to serve the country, to be a Marine and he served us well," said Scott.

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