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Suspect voters sent to Colo. DAs mostly Democrats

DENVER (AP) - Democrats make up more than half of the 155 suspected noncitizen voters that Secretary of State Scott Gessler referred to prosecutors earlier this week.

The party affiliation breakdown shows that 88 of the voters are Democrats, 49 are unaffiliated, and 13 are Republicans. Five others are from minor parties.
Gessler's office provided the breakdown to The Associated Press Friday. His office says they don't use party registration as an identifier when searching for suspected noncitizen voters.
Gessler, a Republican, said this week the 155 people have been flagged as noncitizens by a federal database and they've voted in one or more elections. They are among 4,201 who have received letters from Gessler since last year asking them to affirm their legal status.
Most who received letters were also either Democrats or unaffiliated voters.

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