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Suspected scooter thief arrested following news report

Scooter stolen by unlikely suspect

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Colorado Springs Police say a suspected scooter thief was arrested during a traffic stop Friday (8/29/14) at the intersection of Cresta Road and Stardust Drive.

Police believe William Skolout, 63, is the man who stole a nearly $4,000 scooter from a business in the 1800 block of E. Platte Ave.

Skolout was taken to the Criminal Justice Center. He is facing aggravated motor vehicle theft charges.

Jarrod Stuhlsatz owns Sportique Scooters. He said on Wednesday, a man test drove a scooter and never returned it.

"(He was) like somebody's grandpa. White hair, bald on top, glasses, a cane, a limp, he said he had two hip replacements three months ago," Stuhlsatz said. "Last person I would suspect."

Stuhlsatz said the man came in looking to buy a scooter. He test drove one scooter and returned it. Upon his return, he asked to test drive another one. He didn't return this second scooter.

"After about 15 minutes we start getting worried. Maybe he ran out of gas, maybe (he) got a flat tire, that kind of thing. (We) go around the neighborhood, nothing," Stuhlsatz said. "So an hour goes by, and we think probably he's gone."

Stuhlsatz looked for the copy he had made of the man's driver's license and a waiver he had him sign, but he couldn't find them. So he looked at video from his surveillance camera. In it, the man is seen taking the paperwork from the store's counter, when Stuhlsatz turned away.

"He knew what he was doing," Stuhlsatz said.

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