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Suspect's Name Released in Pueblo Officer-Involved Shooting

Suspect's Name Released in Pueblo Officer-Involved Shooting

COLORADO SPRINGS - The Pueblo County Coroner's office released the suspect's name on Wednesday in the officer-involved shooting. Police shot Richard Robert Licon on Tuesday and he later died in the hospital.

This wasn't Licon's first run-in with police. A judge sentenced him to seven years in jail after he pleaded guilty in 1999 to aggravated robbery with intent to kill. His record also included weapons charges - he pleaded guilty to possession of a defaced fire arm in 1998.

It happened just after 11 a.m. on Tuesday. Officers were called to the West 900 Block of Evans for a domestic violence call. Licon did not live at the home but police said one of his children was living there.

Originally police said Licon came outside and shot at the officer. However, KRDO NewsChannel 13 spoke with four neighbors that said they never heard that first shot, only the police officer's shots after.

Police told KRDO on Wednesday the officer confused a door slamming with a gun shot; Licon did not fire at police.

Licon ran behind the house, through the alley, and police shot him at an apartment complex on Arthur Street.

Kyle Dolina was sleeping in his apartment at the time. Police shot Licon right by his front porch, just a few feet from Dolina's bed.

"I was sleeping and from there I heard screaming and from there I heard gun shots, at least four or more. From there I barrel rolled out of my bed and into the closet," said Dolina.

Neighbor Patrick Ratliff was also home at the time.

"I went to the balcony here and at the time there was a group of people chasing each other around the building here and they went into these bushes behind me and that's when the shooting started," said Ratliff.

Sgt Eric Gonzales with the Pueblo Police Department said even with this new information, officers wouldn't have reacted differently, it was still a man with a gun.

The crisis intervention team is investigating the shooting. The two officers in the shooting are on administrative leave during the investigation -- this is standard protocol for these incidents.

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