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T.S.A. Offers Faster Security Checks With A Price

T.S.A. checkpoints quicker but at a price

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A lot of people have bared the long lines at a security checkpoint.

You also have your bags inspected, and take off your shoes, belt, and jacket.

But T.S.A. is making this situation a thing of the past, but at a price.

T.S.A.'s pre check program requires a passenger's fingerprints and a background check.

In exchange they can leave their belts, shoes, and jackets on, while lap tops, liquids and gels are kept in their bag.

Tiffany Kollasch flies frequently out of Colorado Springs Airport, she thinks the pre check program is a great idea.

"Every time you fly it's kind of nerve racking, and it would be nice to know that they looked a little deeper into people's past."

Pre Check passengers also have their own line, but Trent Nall feels the 85 dollar fee to join the program is T.S.A.'s way of taking more money out of his pocket.

"I do fly quite a bit but this does seem like a tax on me."

Passengers at 60 airports have already been through the program since 2011, and it was only for those in frequent flier and trusted traveler programs.

But it will be open to all U.S. citizens later this year.

Matt Thelen feels safety shouldn't come with a price.

"Should be that everyone receives equal treatment regardless equal security regardless how much they pay."

Colorado Springs Airport will have the Pre Check system later this year.

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