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Tanning bed accident has woman feeling burned

Tanning accident has one woman feeling burned

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - It's not a danger you usually think of when you think of tanning salons.

"I heard a big pop and I fell in the bed," said Lora Lee who had just bought a two month tanning membership with Creative Tanning.

"I've never heard of a tanning bed break until this incident," Lora Lee said.

Neither has owner Penny Willcox.

"I'd never in 22 years seen a bed crack the way that that acrylic cracked," Willcox said.

But that's about the only detail in this incident both women agree on.

It happened last month.  Lora Lee says she was in the middle of her tanning session when the bed broke and then she says she fell on the floor trying not to break the glass.  She says she suffered a strained rotator cuff, neck and back injuries from the fall.

"She didn't seem to be hurt, the employees asked her and she seemed fine laughing out in the lobby," Willcox said.  She says she has video showing her customer moving without any appearance of pain.

She does admit that the bed that broke did have a stress crack in the acrylic from the heat.  Employees were only allowing what they describe as "smaller" people to tan in that room.  They say Lora Lee was allowed to tan with that bed because she wasn't supposed to lie down.

"She was only supposed to tan her legs, she was not supposed to get in the bed," Willcox said.

Lora Lee says no one, big or small, should have been allowed to tan in the bed until it was fixed.

"If you know it was broke and there was a problem with it, why would you put anyone in it in the first place?" Lora Lee said.

She wants an apology, a refund and her doctors bills paid for. Willcox says if lawyers get involved, she will countersue for damages to the bed.

Both women feel burned.

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