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Target 13 Investigates United Healthcare

Military health care service is suffering

Target 13 Investigates United Healthcare

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - A small room filled with big complaints over the way United Healthcare is managing military health services.   United took over the contract on April 1st.  Congressman Doug Lamborn listened in a meeting room with health care providers like Lorne MacDonald with Falcon Physical Therapy, "No one is holding United Healthcare's feet to the fire.  I can tell you everyone in this room is *** off about it."   Hannah Wood is with Colorado Springs Gynecology Associates.  She echoed what Lorne said and then some, "We don't know what to do.  We're not getting paid.  We're not getting referrals.  We have no way to log into the website.  I waited an hour and a half."  

Ultimately, this group believes United Healthcare's lack of help is hurting patient care and potentially forcing layoffs at health provider groups that are struggling because United isn't getting them paid.  

I talked with Matt Peterson via satellite who is a United Healthcare executive.  He described the situation like this, "It's unacceptable.  We will be working overtime with more staff to fix this situation." Peterson assured me and the health care providers who are complaining about United Healthcare that by the end of this month the problems will be fixed.  I told him I'll be talking with these same health providers in Southern Colorado to see if those promises are kept.

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