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Teachers learn how to survive gunman attack in school

Martial arts school offers free classes for district employees

Active Shooter...Last Resort

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A local martial arts school is showing teachers and other school employees what to do if a gunman ever enters the school.

The Cavalry Family Martial Arts and Fitness school on North Academy Blvd. is offering school-danger classes every Saturday in February. They are called Active Shooter...Last Resort.

"It's simply to teach the teachers and anyone working for the district, what to do, that last case scenario, with that active shooter coming into your room, through your barricade, and the only thing between you and the children is you," Instructor Isaac Costley said.

The lesson consisted of simple techniques school employees can remember and recreate if they ever need to, from where to stand, to what to tell the students, to what actions to take against the gunman.

The main physical lesson was the Cover and Smother technique - a simple way to reduce and eliminate risk. Costley said his techniques are realistic and they can be applied to real-world situations.

One teacher said she came to the classes in light of recent events in schools around the nation.

"If something did happen in our school, how can I keep those 21 little people, that are in that room with me, how can I keep them safe?" Michele Matte said.

The CFMAF school is letting any school district employee in El Paso County attend any of their classes, any day of the week for free in February. But their Saturday classes focus specifically on what to do in a school-danger situation. For more information, click here.

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