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Teachers threatened at Pueblo Community College

Two teachers threatened at Pueblo Community College

PUEBLO, Colo. - Pueblo Community College is on alert after administrators say a former student with a history of confrontations, threatened two teachers on Wednesday.

 "He made a flippant remark to a current student that could be perceived as threatening to faculty on campus," said school president Patty Erjavec.

 Erjavec says the campus Department of Public Safety and Pueblo Police Department contacted the man, but there was no arrest or charges made.

 An email was sent to students and teachers today (Thursday) describing what had happened.

 Student Stephany Esparaza says she was shown a photo of the man too.

 "They said if you see him just contact the police on campus or if you're too scared, tell a teacher," Esparaza said.

 President Erjavec says an armed officer was in the San Juan building for the entire day, but classes went on as usual.

 "It's business as usual, but a strong reminder that we have a responsibility to keep everyone safe," Erjavec said.

 The school says the man hasn't been a student at PCC since last summer.

 In case of an emergency, the school has a system called "MyPCC," an alert system through text and email to notify the campus community.


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