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Teen mom gives birth in Walmart bathroom, employee performs CPR on child

Teen mom delivers baby at Canon City Walmart

CANON CITY, Colo. - It was a surprise delivery at the Cañon City Walmart Saturday when a teen had a baby in the bathroom and an employee stepped in to help save the newborn's life.

Cañon City Police said the pregnant 16-year-old was shopping at Walmart with her mother, and the mother didn't know her daughter was pregnant.

"(The mother) had gone into the restroom to find her daughter, and the baby had been born," said Debbie Berry, Communications Supervisor for Cañon City Police. "The baby was born in the toilet, and he was not breathing and turning blue."

She said the baby's grandmother called 911 and spoke to Cañon City dispatcher Tammy Davis who took her through the steps to perform CPR and dispatched police, fire and ambulance.

"During that time, the (Walmart) employee walked in and assisted and kind of took over with CPR," said Berry.

That employee, Monica LeDoux, said her dad taught her how to do CPR and she didn't think twice before springing into action. She said she doesn't feel like a hero.

"A hero is someone who's in the military," said LeDoux. "The baby was purple and not breathing. All I saw was a baby that needed to breathe. I would have done it for anyone."

What happened is the talk of the town in Cañon City, with many feeling that what Ledoux did was exceptional.

"I'd say she was a hero," said Carol Dominguez, a retired nurse. "I think she did a very nice job."

Police said, from what they know, the mom and baby were doing fine after the delivery.

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