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Teen nearly kidnapped speaks out about living in fear

Teen nearly kidnapped speaks out about living in fear

PUEBLO, Colo. - A young teen is speaking publicly for the first time after she was almost abducted two weeks ago.

The attempted kidnapping happened in Pueblo, along 31 Street and Colfax Avenue. A 14-year-old girl was walking her dog when four men in a white car pulled up beside her. One of them got out of the car and started chasing the teen, who asked KRDO to refer to her as Peyton.

"I heard the loud music, the bass of the car and a guy yelling," Peyton said.

She said she's scared to go on camera for fear that man is still looking for her. "I still am terrified that they're watching me-- that they're planning to get me."

Every night Peyton drives around Pueblo with her mom, looking for the car and the men who stopped to snatch her. She tried to fight him off with her pepper spray but it got stuck. So she sprinted down 31 Street and outran him.

Peyton said, "I just thought for one minute I wouldn't see my family again-- that everything I had was gone."

Coming back to the spot where it all happened still scares Peyton. It's the same spot where a man tried to kidnap another woman last week.

"It's fear that they put in you for life," Peyton said. "I go to counseling and I don't leave, even to the front yard and I'm scared that they're watching everywhere I go, even the store."

Peyton said she'll be at peace once police find the man who nearly took her away.

Peyton said the men were in a white car that looked like a Toyota Corolla with tinted windows. Call Pueblo Crime Stoppers if you have information that could help at 719-542-STOP.

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