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Teen stabbing witness speaks out

Teen stabbed at Cheyenne Meadows Park after school

Teen stabbed at park after school

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A Colorado Springs teen is trying to recover from surgery after he was stabbed at a park Friday afternoon.

It happened at Cheyenne Meadows Park near Cheyenne Meadows Road and Highway 115 on the south side of Colorado Springs.

A high school student told NewsChannel 13 he was getting off the bus when he watched the fight break out. What happened next, shocked him.

"She was sitting on the bench and he like came up and started punching her," said student witness Nate Turnipseed.

Turnipseed never thought his Friday after school would end up like that.

"I got off the bus and the dude, they were about to fight, square off and stuff," he said.

Turnipseed and the rest of the teens who hopped off the bus watched the fight unfold.

"He's like who messed my girlfriend's car up? And the girl's like I did. So he came and beat the girl up," he said.

That is when Turnipseed said another teenage boy pulled out a knife that looked like a butcher knife.

"He's like if you hit my home girl again, I'm gonna stab you. He kind of hit her. So he came up and stabbed him," said Turnipseed.

Cheyenne Meadows Park is not a place people expect trouble, according to park users.

"This neighborhood is pretty good. This is the first time I've heard of something bad that happened," said Daniel Pangelinn.

Once the word was out about the stabbing, park users said they were hesitant about coming back.

"I'm always going to be worried, but I'm always prepared," said Pangelinn.

The teen and Turnipseed both said they'll be prepared to get away if trouble returns.

"Just walk away from stuff like that," said Turnipseed.

Officers interviewed several witnesses and are still searching for the stabbing suspect. If you know any information, call Colorado Springs Police at (719) 444-7000.

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