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Teller courthouse swept for bombs after e-mail threat

Teller courthouse swept for bombs after e-mail threat

CRIPPLE CREEK, Colo. - Teller County Sheriff's Deputies and the Colorado Springs bomb squad searched the Teller County courthouse Monday (2/3/14) after someone e-mailed in a bomb threat.

The threat left Ana Sebok fearing for her life.

"My business is sitting less than half a block away from the bomb squad, it left an uneasy feeling," she said.

Sebok said Monday's bomb scare was the latest in a series of incidents to disrupt life in Cripple Creek.

"First it was the Waldo Canyon Fire, it devastated the town and small businesses. We stood strong, then the floods affected us," she said.

No explosives were found and an evacuation order that was issued for a two-block radius around the courthouse has been lifted.

The threat was received by e-mail at 6 a.m.

The Teller County Sheriff's Office says the e-mail claimed that there were multiple bombs planted inside the courthouse.

The courthouse closed for the day, which hampered Tina Sensabaugh's plans.

She had a job interview at the courthouse, but she understands closing the courthouse was for the best.

"Well, under these circumstances, closing it, making sure it's safe, was the best decision," Sensabaugh said.

The courthouse will be open Tuesday.

Investigators are trying to determine who e-mailed the threat and why. No arrests have been made.

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