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Tempers rise after rap battle, shots fired

Vehicle involved flees authorities, crashes on interstate

Tempers rise after rap battle, shots fired

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Tempers flair after a rapper involved in freestyle battle at a tattoo shop goes too far. 

Witnesses said an exchange of words led to a fight outside, and shots were fired.

It happened just outside Pens and Needles on Drennan Road and Academy in Colorado Springs.

The owners of Pens and Needles said they were holding an event for all ages when things escalated outside their front door.

Police say one rapper was being offensive, and a fight broke out during a break.

Nobody was hit, but police say the suspects and the victim drove off.

Officers did find shell casings and a front bumper to a stolen car from Denver.

A short time later, the Colorado State Patrol informed CSPD that they were in pursuit with the vehicle that left the bumper.

The pursuit resulted in a crash near Tomah Road in Douglas County.

Four other passengers were in the vehicle.

Police said they arrested a 28-year-old female from New Mexico, two 20-year-old males, and a 17-year old male.

Charges are pending.

Police believe another person was also involved.

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