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The best presents don't cost a thing

The best presents don't have price tags

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Instead of a list a mile long like most kids, 7-year-old Le'gna Cartwright had one wish for Santa.

"I want my daddy home," Le'gna said.

Terrified of Santa her entire life, Le'gna proved there is something bigger than fear…love.

"She said I want to ask Santa to bring daddy home for Christmas," said Amanda Pantan, whose husband Jayson had been stationed in Afghanistan for the last six months.

But a month ago, without Le'gna knowing, Amanda and Jayson hatched a plan.  He would be home just in time for Christmas.

"I still told her I can't bring daddy home…you have to do it.  You have to ask Santa Claus," Amanda said.

So on Christmas Eve, Le'gna and her Mom made the trek to the North Pole where she faced her fear and sat on Santa's lap.

A video captured by Amanda shows Santa pointing to Le'gna's left.  She looks back and locks eyes with her father.  She couldn't get off Santa's lap fast enough to jump up and hug her dad.

"I don't think any present would be better than family being there.  That's the best present," Jayson said.

Usually the best presents don't come with price tags.

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