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The Doctor is in to help scam victims

Hope is back

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - Dr. Richard Cea is a man who does more than help others in pain, he helps those who need help because others caused them pain.  He watched our story on Tuesday night about Lorraine and Matteo Moreno.  The couple had been ripped off by a fake realtor of 800 dollars of rent money.  The scammer had a lockbox on a house with a key and rented it to them.  There is only one big problem.  This home on Gossamer street was not his property to rent. 

Dr. Cea saw the emotional pain in the eyes of this couple and had to do something, "I can't explain it.  All I know is that when I heard the story,  I just felt it so unfair to see a couple with kids trying to make it and then have someone trying to take advantage of them.  I felt horrible and I needed to help."  Dr. Cea called our station to give them 800 dollars.  I set it up so that he could meet the Moreno family who had been scammed out of the money and their hope. 

The meeting was emotional. Lorraine told me, "The overwhelming feeling that someone cares for me and my kids and our family.  It's a lot."  Matteo told me, "For someone to step up and help us.  It's overwhelming for all of us that there are good people out there."

Dr. Cea didn't want the publicity but I felt it was important for you and the Morenos to get to know their benefactor.   One of the Moreno's young children drew a picture that Dr. Cea looked at and is putting up in his office.  The picture says thank you for so being so kind to my family. The little girl drew pictures of the whole family.

Colorado Springs Police confirm to me that this is an open investigation.  I've learned there may have been two arrests in connection with this scam and could be more.  No mug shots or names have been released.  There could also be more victims in addition to the Morenos who have been ripped off.  

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