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Big Changes in SoCo Health Care

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - The money is flowing and health care is changing in Colorado Springs.  90 million dollars of changes within two years at the new Memorial Hospital, University of Health. 

Brian Newsome took me for a tour of the "New" inside the facility.  A 40 million dollar medical records system is being worked on and will be put online in November.  It's called the EPIC system.  Newsome told me, "It'll revolutionize the patient experience and how we do our work."  In a nutshell, EPIC will allow you online access for your health records.  Brian Newsome explained the changes, "A patient will be able to go online and see their lab results, make appointments, order prescriptions or email their doctor or nurse with questions about their medical condition."

I also checked out a new cancer fighting tool.  It's four millions dollars worth of high tech.  Daniel Lenard is the Manager of the Radiation/Oncology Department.  He said this new PET/CT scanner will help provide clearer blueprints for medical experts to follow for radiation treatment.  This piece of diagnostic imagery is the only one of its kind west of the Mississippi in a non-academic facility.  Lenard made it clear about the impact of the Memorial Hospital, University of Colorado Health linkup, "We are driven dramatically by technology and to have an access to what the University provides us with research and money is invaluable.  The overall impact of care we provide our patients is increasing and going in the right direction."

Back in August, Colorado Springs voters approved the Memorial, University of Colorado Health marriage.  The University took over the helm of the operation in October.  Since then other changes include a 40% increase in staff in various specialties.  Brian Newsome summed up what he believes is happening at the hospital, "If there is one word that sums up what's been going on the past few months is momentum."

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