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The possible charges of a Black Forest fire arsonist

Black Forest Fire Possible Charges

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - There are mixed opinions on how Colorado's most destructive fire started.

But one thing is certain, if an arsonist is found they will face serious charges. Possibly life in prison.

A lawyer tells KRDO that a possible Black Forest arsonist, who's not just responsible for destroying nearly 500 buildings, but also taking two lives could be sentenced to multiple charges.

Anywhere from four years in prison to the death penalty.

Ever since the Black Forest Fire there have been some questions on everyone's mind. How did it start? Was there someone behind the most destructive fire in our state?

"If they found that someone started the fire, and there are facts to support that they did it knowingly or intentionally the District Attorney's office will probably go after them with everything they got, and they will probably end up in prison for their life," said Dan Kay, who's been a lawyer for 25 years.

He was Deputy District Attorney in El Paso County for ten years and says it all comes down to intent.

"If there's evidence or facts that would indicate a person intentionally started this fire, then it would be more likely the District Attorney would go after the death penalty given the magnitude of the damage and the deaths involved," said Kay.

Kay also says the death penalty isn't a sentence that's given often.

"There's one death penalty case going in the state right now and that's the Aurora shootings, it's very rare that they do it but, it's possible," said Kay.

Despite mixed messages Black Forest residents think someone is responsible for the loss and damage of their home.

"You can get restitution through the court proceeding, however in a case like this, you're never going to be made whole because of the astronomical amounts and person just won't have it," said Kay.

People in Black Forest say whether someone is convicted or not, finding out how this fire started is what's truly important to them and will bring some closure.

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