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Three trooper cars hit in three weeks; suspicion pot was involved

Driver hit two patrol cars in Denver

Three trooper cars hit in three weeks

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Drivers have hit three Colorado State Trooper cars in only three weeks. The latest was Saturday night (1/11/14) in Denver and it involved pot, according to Colorado State Patrol.

It happened around 9 p.m. on the ramp to I-76 from northbound I-25. Two troopers were investigating a crash when a driver hit both patrol vehicles.

"Our guys are putting their lives at risk every single time they stop at the side of the highway and/or step out of their vehicle to make a traffic contact or are investigating an accident," said Colorado State Patrol Sgt. Jason Jones.

Saturday night's crash is the seventh patrol car hit since August.

"It does seem a little alarming," said Sgt. Jones.

"It's a bit remarkable to me because it's a cop and chances are they have their lights on," said driver Kevin Gould.

State Patrol said the driver in Saturday's wreck was suspected of having pot in his system.

"I just figure it's better to be free of anything when you're driving," said driver Joshua Cerda.

"I don't think it would be fair to blame solely marijuana for the incident. It's a driver's issue,"

No matter what is to blame, officers will be relying on drivers to pay attention.

"It really makes us want to focus on drivers and try to get them focused on driving safely and not driving while impaired or intoxicated," said Sgt. Jones.

The "Left Lane Law" is specifically designed for drivers to move over and keep everyone safe.

No trooper was injured in Saturday night's crash. On Dec. 19, a trooper was hurt when his cruiser was hit.

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