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‘Tis the season for new tires

‘Tis the season for new tires

November is one of Colorado's snowiest months, which means plenty of business for local tire shops.

According to Matthew Helberg, manager of Big O Tires on Palmer Park and Powers, there are two options for drivers looking for extra driving protection this winter.

He told KRDO Newschannnel 13 that the studded snow tire is a very effective way to get traction on ice.

"It's the best tire you could ever possibly put on ice.  It's going to break the ice underneath you.  It's going to dig in and get you the best traction," he said.

On dry roads, the studded tire tends to be noisy and can cause a rougher ride. 

There is a stud free snow tire that is made of a softer rubber.

"It lets you drive around in normal conditions.  You still drive nice, smooth and quiet on the roads, but when it does get icy outside you almost get the same benefit that you would out of a studded tire without all the noise," said Helberg.

Helberg said the biggest mistake drivers make is thinking they will be safe with only two snow tires instead of four.  He said this can cause the car to become unstable, and prone to spinning out on icy roads.

He said snow tires will last for 15,000 to 20,000 miles.  Snow tires start at around $60, and go up depending on the size of the tire.

"In my opinion, you need to be ready and good to go for the snow that's coming.  Buy them early.  Be early for the snow to come.  It could come at any time," said Helberg.


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