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Toddler's Christmas presents stolen

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office is searching for a Scrooge who stole a little boy's Christmas gifts.

Jeff Thompson said his storage unit at the American Mini Storage in Widefield was burglarized.

He went to pick up a present from the storage unit on Saturday and when he opened the door, all the gifts were gone.

The storage unit has a 16 to 18-inch gap between the top of the rolling garage door and the ceiling, said Thompson.

"Found out somebody had climbed over the top and dropped down. They stole $280 worth of Christmas toys that were my grandson's," said Thompson.

Investigators believe the thieves jumped over a fence to get into the facility, which has an electric gate with keypad code and security cameras.

Thompson said when he went back to the storage unit Monday morning, he noticed it had been burglarized again.

"I opened up the door and everything fell out, so they got in again," he said.

The Sheriff's Office said there haven't been reports of other units being ripped off at the facility.

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