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Toilets and sink hanging around tree in front yard

Neighbor hangs toilets from tree

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. - Two toilets and a sink are tied to a tree in the front yard of an El Paso County home. Neighbors want them taken down.

A family claims it's all in the name of art, but neighbors are furious saying it's disgusting to look at.

It's not your typical outdoor decoration.

"It's an actual comode with the tank and everything. Two of them!" said nextdoor neighbor Angela Johnson.

Two toilets and a sink are tied to Johnson's neighbor's tree in the front yard.

"He had the comodes right at the property line faced towards me. So I said I had enough. So I had them come out and build me a fence," she said.

The fence went up Friday (3/14/14) and now the toilets and sink are tied with a rope hanging around the tree.

"When I walk out on my porch, I have to look up and look at toilet seats hanging off the tree," said Johnson.

The neighbors didn't want to go on camera, but the man says he's mad the Johnsons put up the fence. He says the porcelain thrones will be a bird feeder.

"That is so nasty in the front yard," said Johnson.

KRDO Newschannel 13 asked the woman living at the home why the toilets and sink are hanging around the tree, explaining that her neighbors are concerned.

"Because I wanted to express my creativity," said the woman.

We asked if the decorations signified soemthing. She said no.

"This is America. Everybody has a right, got their right or whatever. It's not criminal, but it's dangerous. It's unsafe for the children," said Johnson.

However, the neighbors say they have kids and made sure the bathroom decorations are secure.

This  all started as a joke when the neighbor says she got a toilet in her yard for Christmas. She says she decided to add the other toilet and sink and put all three in the tree for bird feeding.

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