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Trails reopen after search for mountain lion

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -  Officials with the Division of Wildlife said they have reopened the trails in Cheyenne Mountain Park after a search for a mountain lion. 

Division of Wildlife spokesman  Michael Seraphin said there were two mountain lion encounters reported Friday. 

Division of Parks and Wildlife spokesman Michael Seraphin said a man jogging in the park encountered the animal that had a deer carcass about 30 feet away from a trail on Friday. A female jogger encountered the same mountain lion and ran. She was slightly injured when the mountain lion chased her before returning to the carcass.

A park ranger responded and shot at the animal. Officials did not find blood or the mountain lion during a search Saturday morning. 

Officials said they closed the trails as a precaution while they searched for the mountain lion Saturday.  Seraphin said he mountain lion most likely left the park.

The trails reopened Sunday morning. 

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