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Transgender Homecoming Princess crowned at Sand Creek High

Transgender Homecoming Princess wears tiara proudly

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A historic homecoming vote.  Sand Creek High School students voted in possibly the first transgender Homecoming royalty in Southern Colorado.

"I was like even if I don't win I've already helped a lot of people show them that they can be themselves," Scarlett Lenh said.  "But I won and I can't stop smiling."

Scarlett is still physically a male, but identifies as a woman.  All year she has worn women's clothing.

"I feel more comfortable like this," Scarlett said.

"I don't see much of a difference.  Same personality, same awesome friend," said classmate Zach Cote.

Scarlett was escorted at half time by two of her best friends.  As her name was announced, only cheers could be heard from the stands.

"For every one person that does not like what I'm doing I know that there's 100 that support me," Scarlett said.

District 49 released a statement that reads in part, "Our board policy sets the standard that we do not exclude any person from participating in any program or activity on the basis of gender activity and gender expression."

Students say they understand that this probably wouldn't or couldn't have happened in the past.

"This is definitely something that can only happen in our generation," Jonah Lee, a classmate and friend said.

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