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Transgender woman from CO makes political history

First transgender woman to win Congressional primary

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A transgender candidate for Congress from Southern Colorado is receiving national attention.

33-year-old Misty Plowright is new to politics, but has already made history. Tuesday night she became the first transgender person to win a Congressional primary and earn a spot on the ticket for a major party office.

"I spent a lot of my life in the shadows where it's safe. Other people who are trans can come out of the shadows," Plowright said.

Plowright is beginning her toughest challenge in politics -- taking on five-term incumbent Congressman Doug Lamborn.

"If I can get a chance to debate him or appear at a town hall with him, I would love for the opportunity to do that," Plowright said.

Plowright is also a veteran and believes her background in this community will only help. Her opponent, Congressman Lamborn, currently serves on the House Veterans Affairs Committee.

"He has no interest in actually taking care of veterans, but then he goes to pat himself on the back for getting us a new veteran's cemetery," Plowright said. "I think we should try to take care of veterans before they're dead."

When it comes to the presidential election, Plowright is outspoken about Donald Trump.

"I signed up to defend religious liberty," she said. "To have the nominee of a major party to disparage an entire religion is scary, it's really scary."

Plowright wants to win on the issues and hopes her gender identity is not the hallmark of her campaign, saying "Who I am as a person, the integrity, the passion, those are the things I want this campaign to be known for."

KRDO NewsChannel 13 reached out to Congressman Lamborn for comment on this story, but he was unavailable.

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