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TREA, The Enlisted Association

Helping the enlisted military and their families for 50 years

The Enlisted Association is our Wear Red Friday Hero

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - Fifty years and going strong in Southern Colorado to help and support the military.  That's why TREA, The Enlisted Association is our Wear Red Friday Hero.  The first chapter of TREA, The Enlisted Association has nearly 15 hundred members.  This chapter on 834 Emory Circle got the ball rolling to help fuel the fire to build more chapters and grow to more than 240 thousand members across the nation. 

Henry "Hank" Reisig is the President of Chapter One.  He is a proud Army Veteran and proud of the achievements and rich history of helping active and retired enlisted military from all branches of the service, "There are a lot of times when someone is threatening our benefits.  No one fights for them.  This organization was put together specifically for that purpose." 

TREA, The Enlisted Association is also a place for retired and active duty enlisted and their families to gather for fun and much more says Club Manager and Army veteran Tami Donaldson, "It's a place to gather to talk, share with each other about their experiences, mentor others and vent.  This is what TREA is all about, giving back and letting them know they haven't been forgotten."

Chapter President Henry "Hank" Reisig tells me he and his organization are looking to the future to help even more enlisted military, "What we're looking for right now is active duty military to be able to come to the chapter to be represented.  There is a benefit for them to come to this organization and be part of it."

Click here if you'd like more information about the organization.

TREA, The Enlisted Association was nominated to be a Wear Red Friday Hero.  If you know someone who is deserving of this honor, go back to our home page and click on nomination form on our Wear Red section. 

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