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Tree mitigation in Broadmoor area hitting new high

Tree service business soaring in response to wildfires

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Wildfire fears are forcing action across our cities and state. It's usually high above neighborhoods.

"Well it's frightening and I'm concerned enough that I'm taking steps to mitigate my property as much as I can," said Don Gazibara.

Gazibara has lived in the Broadmoor for 20 years. This is the first summer he's gone so far as removing more than 40 scrub oak and other small flammable trees from his property.

"Why not do it before? That's a good question," said Gazibara.

Trees in the Broadmoor area are coming down by the boatload. Companies like Eco Tree Service spent Thursday high above the neighborhood in the shadow of Cheyenne Mountain.

"The high winds we've had lately are causing a lot of limbs to fall down on the property," said Martin Karner with Eco.

Karner said going with a licensed tree service is the best option but simple mitigation can be helpful as well. That includes removing pine needles from underneath trees, lifting or cutting branches on nearby trees up to a minimum of 10 feet around the property and clearing all brush and dead limbs from the property.

For Gazibara, he's had to give up a little privacy for protection but he believes it's worth the trade off.

"The fires we've see in Colorado have been just close enough that they certainly got our attention and we decided we needed to do something constructive to protect our homes as much as possible," said Gazibara.

Gazibara is also looking into replacing his wood shingles with metal ones.

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