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Tri-Lakes Fire Department urges wildfire action plan

The Tri-Lakes Monument Fire Protection District has created a wildfire action plan for property owners.

The goal of the new pamphlet, called "Ready, Set, Go: Your Personal Wildfire Action Plan," is to get local homeowners to be part of the solution, not part of the problem, said Fire Marshal John Vincent.

"I'm only going to have 3 guys in a truck. I may have 40 homes I have to protect. If 39 of you haven't mitigated, we're moving on to the next block," said Vincent.

The pamphlet explains how to mitigate and lists resources to use. Vincent said the time to start is now.

"You're not going to do this in a day. You're not going to do in a month. But take a little bite out of the elephant a little at a time. The summer, winter, spring, fall," said Vincent.

Vincent said the last part of the pamphlet talks about the best thing a person can do if there is an active fire.

"Evacuate. You allow us to focus on the fire. If you don't, we have to focus on you. That ties up resources," said Vincent.

The pamphlet is available at the district office and on the website, http://www.tri-lakesfire.com/Documents/RSG_TLMFPD.pdf

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