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Trinidad community discusses future of marijuana sales

Trinidad community discusses future of marijuana sales

Discussion on the future of both medical and recreational marijuana sales in Trinidad brought out more people than City Council chambers could hold.

The majority of the people who spoke before City Council on Tuesday night were in favor of allowing medical and recreational marijuana to be sold in city limits. Many said it would give the city the economic boost it desperately needs. They also said allowing it would prevent people from driving to Pueblo County to get medical marijuana.

Christian Griffin, a public defender in Trinidad, said when his brother returned from serving in Iraq, medical marijuana helped him overcome post traumatic stress disorder.

"I've been here for two years now and I've seen a lot of economic decline. Whatever the opposite of business is booming is, maybe business sucks- that's kind of our motto now with the exception of a few thriving businesses," Griffin said.

Trinidad mayor Bernadette Baca-Gonzalez opposes the sale of medical and recreational marijuana. "I just don't want those sales in Trinidad because it's going to impact our children, it's going to hurt our children, and I still say not only 'no, but hell no,'" she said.

Several people criticized Baca-Gonzalez for being adamantly against marijuana before listening to public comment.

City Council members will vote on Sept. 3 who the licensing authority should be for marijuana sales, if the city decides to allow it. Council will take a final vote on the issue on Sept. 17.

It's still unknown when council will vote on whether to allow marijuana, ban it or issue a moratorium.

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