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Troop honored for heroism at Fort Carson

Troop honored for heroism at Fort Carson

FORT CARSON, Colo. - More than 1,000 lives were saved in Northern Colorado because of one troops heroics.

The 4th Combat Aviation Infantry was honored at Fort Carson today.

Army Specialist Rebecca Pottebaum is one of more than 70 soldiers deployed to Boulder during the devastating flash floods.

"The flooding was intense, I couldn't believe some of the things that were there," Pottebaum said.

She, like many other soldiers, had their own story of heroism to share.

"There was a little baby and a mother that was carrying a little boy, I walked across the field through the cactus, rocks and tripping over everything, we got them on our bird and the mother was pretty grateful," Pottebaum shared.

Some soldiers said not everyone they tried to save wanted to be saved.

"My crew, we saw a lady gardening when we flew over trying to evac her, and she said no and probably two hours later she got hoisted out, she mentioned she made banana bread for us but she forgot it,' Crew Chief John Rocklein said.

Colonel Robert Halt said the helicopters used in the rescues are also used for war, but instead of the air crafts being used for in battle, they were used as rescue machines.

"Inspiring to see those same air crafts with no guns to see them fly out rescue workers and flying people to safety," Halt said.

Some soldiers feel it's mission accomplished.

"I'm going back to flying and training," Rocklein said.

But for others their work is far from done.

"I would just love to go back," Pottebaum said.

Eight soldiers are still in Boulder refilling air crafts and rescue vehicles.

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