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Troubled waters between the stormwater task force, Mayor Bach

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Is Colorado Springs Mayor Steve Bach refusing to be a team player when it comes to fixing storm water problems? Or is he just being careful with taxpayer dollars?

County Commissioner Amy Lathen is criticizing Bach's refusal to participate in the stormwater task force. This all came to light at a meeting yesterday, and now we learned the mayor isn't even allowing city employees to participate in task force meetings.

"We have just continued on despite the fact that city staff has not been allowed to participate," said Lathen.

Mayor Bach said the commissioner's comments are puzzling.

"Amy knows, as do all the commissioners and all the councilors, our plan in the city which does involve working regionally," said Bach.

But prohibiting employee participation means the city hasn't been working regionally. It is doing storm water projects of its own in areas like Mountain Shadows.

"We are spending $46 million this year in our city on storm water improvements. It would be interesting to know frankly, what the county is doing," said Bach of the ongoing projects.

Lathen said Bach might know the county is continually working on projects too, if he came to a meeting.

The Colorado Springs City Council, Colorado Springs Utilities, and other regional agencies continue to attend task force meetings.

Bach stopped participating in the task force when the price tag for stormwater projects jumped from $88 million to well over $700 million. He is getting a private company to give him a second opinion., and results will be ready in the fall.

The stormwater task force says it supports the mayor looking for a second opinion, but that the region cannot stop working until the fall results are available.

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