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Truck crashes into homeowner's living room

Truck crashes into homeowner's living room

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A Colorado Springs man got an alarming wake-up call Friday morning when a pickup truck plowed into his home.

It started around 1:10 a.m. when police spotted a white Ford F-150 at the Stratton Open Space area. It sped into a parking lot. When police attempTed to talk with the driver, he took off and hit a street sign in the process.

Police searched the area for the driver, but a homeowner called saying he found the truck. It was in his living room.

Retired Col. Robert Taylor, 88, was sleeping in his bedroom down the hallway from the living room when the truck crashed. He thinks the truck was speeding through the intersection of La Veta Way and Vista Place when the driver lost control of the truck. It skid across his driveway, smashed his front fence and tore through his front window.

The reckless driver left a trail of destruction.

"This was the most beautiful living room. You can't believe what happened right here," said Taylor as he surveyed the damage early Friday morning.

Initially, it was difficult to make out the damage due to heavy dust and debris in the air. The truck blocked Taylor from the door. He climbed through his bedroom window.

"I couldn't believe the force, when he came through the wall, he ended up all the way down the hall," said Taylor.

The driver ran from the crash. Police were still looking for the driver almost 12 hours after the crash was reported. Police had not ruled out drugs or alcohol as a cause of the mess.

Taylor couldn't believe the damage when the dust settled.  The crash shredded a 100-year-old family portrait. The driver turned antique furniture and keepsakes to rubble.

"It's just stuff that I'll replace. You know, it's just tough," said Taylor. "When I think of the people that went through the tornado and the fire, I have no problem. I have nothing that's of major importance."

Taylor said people don't watch their speed at the intersection of La Veta Way and Vista Pl.

"It has been a dangerous corner.  There are cases where I really think that I am fortunate that it hasn't happened sooner, particularly in the winter time. I can show you the scars on the light poles and trees where [drivers] never made it," said Taylor. "How would you prevent this? You can't. People go crazy when they drive high speeds."

Taylor worked throughout the night to try to put his home back together, staying positive. He joked the incident could be a message from above.

"My wife, she's been gone 10 years, and maybe I didn't keep the house up as neat as it should be," said Taylor. "Maybe this is a good chance for me to clean it up."

If police find and identify the driver, he will face several charges.

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