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Trump accuses safety officials of locking out supporters

Trump criticizes organizers for lack of seating

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - One of the strangest moments of the Donald Trump appearance at UCCS Friday came right as the GOP nominee hit the stage, when Trump took issue with the capacity of the venue and the crowds of supporters who were not able to get inside. 

Trump looked genuinely annoyed, and joked with the crowd that perhaps the fire marshal in charge of the event was, "A Hillary person."

He did not stop there, saying that there were thousands of supporters outside the Gallogly Events Center who couldn't get in because, "[safety officials] have no idea what the hell they're doing"

"It's unfortunate," Trump told the crowd, "But it's not my fault. I just came here"

The Republican nominee for president seemed to imply that bureaucracy was to blame for the situation, saying, "This is why this country is going to hell. We deal with this same thing in Washington all the time"

But there may be another explanation for the overcrowding that led some to be left out of the event.

One ticket holder we spoke to who was frustrated by the long lines was told by a UCCS employee that Trump campaign organizers handed out 10,000 tickets to the event; the Gallogly Events Center was only set up to handle 2,500 people.

We reached out to the Colorado Springs Fire Department, which issued the following information:

The venue holds 2,500 people. That includes the overflow area.

The Colorado Springs Fire Marshal was working in conjunction with UCCS prior to the event to make it a smooth and seamless event for all involved.

Prior to the event, it was established that the UCCS emergency manager, coordinators and law enforcement would handle egress and access flow into the auditorium and other sites.

UCCS had the responsibility for managing the flow of people, along with law enforcement.

The occupancy load was set and agreed upon prior to the event.

No one was restricted by the Colorado Springs Fire Department from entering the building.

Organizers allowed the maximum number of people in the facility as per fire code based on a number that was determined well before Friday's event.

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