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Trystin Olive making progress

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Trystin's Road to Recovery

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - Two year old Trystin Olive is a happy little guy, despite what's he's gone through in the past two months.  Back in December, Trystin and his Dad, Mike were in a fire.  It was a freak accident inside the garage of one of Mike's friends.  They were working on a vehicle.  Mike and Trystin were both burned.  Trystin was in the hospital for 48 days.  Mike was in the hospital for a month. 

Trystin has to wear special compression clothing to prevent scarring and a clear mask to cover some of the burns on his face.  Mike Olive says, "My wounds are nothing.  I look at him and I feel horrible.  He's two years old.  He should have had to go through that."  It will take about two years for Trystin to recover after skin grafts and more trips to burn specialists.

Mike Olive's injuries are also extensive.  He was burned on his head and his legs while he was making sure Trystin and he got out of that burning garage.  Mike said, "The inside of my leg was on fire.  My work pants were on and they were sticking to my leg that was burning."

If you would like to help Trystin on his road to recovery, I've put a link to where you can donate.  It's on the front page of KRDO.com on links we mentioned.


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