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Turley recall effort has divided people in Woodland Park

People split over recall effort of Woodland Park mayor

WOODLAND PARK, Colo. - A group in Woodland Park wants Mayor David Turley out of office, but not everyone in the city agrees with that.

Turley is facing charges of sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust.

Court documents show a 17-year-old boy says Turley touched him inappropriately in a hot tub at Turley's house.

According to arrest papers, police say Turley admitted to accidentally touching the teen in a sensitive place while they were in the hot tub together.

Ann Brown is one of the organizers of the petition to recall Turley. She said Turley's accused actions are bad for Woodland Park.

"His problems should not be Woodland Park's problems and he is making them our problems," she said.

Brown said she is waiting for the petition to be verified by the City of Woodland Park.

She said she should get it back by Tuesday and she will need 252 signatures in 60 days to let a recall election happen against Turley in November.

Brown said she should easily reach that number.

Mark White lives in Woodland Park. He said the mayor is innocent until proven guilty.

White said people who are organizing the petition are overreacting to Turley's accusations.

"As for the recall effort they have in town is just reactionary, people who are freaking out because he has charges on him," he said.

We called and went to Turley's home to get a comment about the petition, but he didn't respond.


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