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Two arrested in week's second underage drinking case in Fountain

Homeowner arrested after dozens of minors attend house party

Fountain Police Make 2nd Underage Drinking Arrest This Week

FOUNTAIN, Colo. - For the second time in two days, Fountain police said adults were arrested at a party where underage teens were drinking liquor.

Police said Margaret E. Rangel, 36, and Lucas A. Salas, 26, face felony charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.  Rangel is listed as the homeowner.

Police said officers responded to a report of a disturbance in the 700 block of Calle Entrada late Friday night and found a party in progress.  A 14-year-old boy in the driveway was face down in vomit, police said.

Of 51 people identified at the party, police said, only three were above the legal drinking age of 21, and 18 were juveniles.

Police said someone at the home apparently posted an invitation on social media to an 18th birthday party, and that there were dozens of empty vodka bottles inside.

A neighbor who asked to remain anonymous out of fear of harassment from people at the home, said she came home from a movie around 1 a.m. and saw the activity.

"At least 12 to 15 cars came down the road and just tons of kids came piling out," the neighbor said.  "Not a lot of loud music, but drinking and cussing.  They were yelling at other neighbors down the street, telling them to get back in their houses and mind their own business."

The neighbor said she tried to sleep but was awakened just before 4 a.m. by the sound of a girl resisting arrest.

"She was screaming at the top of her lungs," the neighbor said.  "She was saying (police) couldn't touch her.  She was lying in (my landscaping) because they had to take her down."

Police Sgt. Jess Freeman said bringing the incident under control kept officers busy during the predawn hours.

"Kids don't have tolerance for alcohol," he said.  "We get called out there and you've got kids who are vomiting, sick and drank too much.  Some kids will take alcohol if they can get it."

Freeman tried to explain why similar incidents happened twice in the same week.

"I don't think kids are bored," he said.  "I think parents need to do a better job of knowing where kids are and what they're doing, and take the time to get kids involved in other activities."

Jayetara Hanato, 19,  was arrested on suspicion of trying to influence a peace officer, third-degree assault on a peace officer, resisting arrest, and other charges.  A juvenile was also arrested on suspicion of similar offenses.

Two others, Quanisha Baros, 18, and Jeremy Mondragon, 21, were arrested with outstanding warrants.

The incident happened only a few blocks from where four people were arrested Wednesday on suspicion of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.  Underage drinking is involved in that incident, as well.  A teen was hospitalized after he passed out from consuming alcohol and cold medicine.

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