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Two children and one adult dead in Falcon stabbing

Two children and one adult dead in Falcon stabbing

FALCON, Colo. - Two children stabbed late Wednesday night at a mobile home on the Remington Ranch Equestrian Stables on East Woodmen Road have died as well as the suspect.

El Paso County Sheriff's investigators tell KRDO two children were killed. They have been identified as 18-month-old Scarlett Gallagher and 3-year old Ryan Wilhite.

The suspect in this case was identified by deputies as 22-year-old Ethan Courrau. He also died. It's believed Courrau turned the weapon on himself.

According to family of the victims, Courrau was not the father of the two children.  Courrau was the boyfriend of the victims' mother; the couple were dating for six months. She was pregnant with Courrau's child. 

Authorities got a call from a family member on the property at 11:12 p.m. Wednesday night. When deputies responded, they found two children with stab wounds in a trailer home on the property. The 1-year-old girl was dead at the scene and the 3-year-old died later in the hospital. 

Late Thursday, Beth Courrou released a statement offering condolences to the family of the victims.

"Ethan struggled with being bipolar... and as his parents we actively helped him seek medical treatment," said Courrou. "We had an open dialogue and regularly discussed the challenges of the disease and the importance of treatment."

She declined further comment about what happened Wednesday until the criminal investigation is complete.

One woman, who kept her horses at Remington Ranch, came by Thursday morning to feed them. She was devastated by the attack. The woman said she planned on calling Child Protective Services when she got back from vacation. She said she was a day too late.

She said she "saw things" and "heard things" that alarmed her. She wouldn't elaborate on those incidents. She also said she was concerned about the trailer the children lived. She described it as "not suitable" for a child to live. She said the windows were broken, it wasn't insulated and the trailer had no heat.

One neighbor watched the unfold from his living room window.

"I saw all these lights, cop lights and everything else. My wife and I, we were still up and looking like, 'what's going on?' Like I said, that's when I locked up the doors and closed the curtains," said Patrick.

Patrick didn't know anyone that lived at the residence personally. He said everyone looks out for each other in this neighborhood. He was shocked by the news.

"I'm not going to go out of my way to harm my children, so for someone to do something like that, it's just, it's not plausible to me, it just drives me completely nuts," said Patrick. "It hurts actually, you know? And they're not even my kids."

He didn't understand how someone could be driven commit such acts.

"My family grew up with hard times so we know what it's like.  If you can't handle the young-ins, there is somebody out there that can. There is more than enough people out there that's willing to take care if somebody else's kids," said Patrick.

A memorial has been set up in the children's name.

It's under "Memorial for Scarlett and Ryan" at ENT Federal Credit Union.

Three-year-old Wilhite would have turned 4 on Feb. 26.

The president of Crime-Tech, Steve Misner donated his company's clean-up services to the family for free. He estimated that the clean-up was an estimated $20,000 job because nearly all of the trailer was affected. He said he's cleaned up major crime scenes for eight years but this was the worst crime scene he has ever seen.  He said the family living in the trailer lived modestly; there were very minimal furnishings throughout the home.

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