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Two men find, put out new fire in Black Forest

Flames spotted around 2 p.m. Tuesday

Two Men Spot Small Fire in Black Forest

BLACK FOREST, Colo. - Two men who lost their homes in the Black Forest Fire were in the right place at the right time Tuesday to stop another fire.

Fire and smoke began showing from a small brush pile around 2 p.m. near the intersection of Black Forest Road and Juanita Street.  The area was among the most heavily damaged during the wildfire.

Christopher Main and a friend were driving in the area at the same time as a KRDO NewsChannel 13 crew.  Both groups noticed the fire and the two men put it out by stomping on it and smothering it in dirt.

"We did what we could to keep thins thing down because we don't need more fires up here," said Main.  "There were no embers flying.  Maybe it's just the heat and the dryness, unless someone flicked a cigarette butt.  If we don't keep a watch out, another fire can burn down what didn't burn down (before)."

Main said he and his friend contacted firefighters to double-check the scene.  The cause is undetermined.

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