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UCCS trying to solve parking issues

UCCS Parking

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - It's a new school year at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, but students say there is still an old problem: parking.

New rules were set by the City of Colorado Springs.

It says you can not park along the streets in the Cragmoor North neighborhood near the college, if you do not have a placard showing you live there.

Neighbors who live in Cragmoor North said their area looked like a parking lot last year, since there was a hiking trail in the neighborhood that leads to the college.

Students moved to Cragmoor North for parking last year after the same rules were put in place at Cragmoor South.

"Now with the placard system in place, it seems to be working well," Jim Wise said. He is a neighbor in Cragmoor South .

Justin Krause said he found a loophole in the rules.

He said he knows a friend who lives in Cragmoor South and he parks in his driveway.

The city will not cite you if you have permission to park in someone's driveway.

Krause said the cost of parking permits at UCCS are pricey.

"I'm eating Ramen noodles and I can't buy food, yet I have to spend $200 for a permit as well," he said.

A yearly permit at UCCS can cost upwards of $500.

Krause also said the free transportation at UCCS is slow.

"Shuttles take too long, the wait time is ridiculous," he said.

UCCS is trying to make parking easier for students.

There are free shuttle parking lots for students to get to school.

The college also built a new parking garage with more than 1,000 spots available.

As for driving down the price of parking permits, UCCS said a lot goes into the cost of permits.

"The prices we actually charge are passing on the fees that cost to operate the parking programs, repaving the parking lots, turning on the lights and security," UCCS Parking and Transplantation Director Jim Spice said.

The City of Colorado Springs will start issuing $60 citations next week if people are parking along the streets in the North or South Cragmoor neighborhoods without a placard.

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