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Udall asks Gardner, GOP led House to vote on immigration reform

Udall calls for immigration reform vote in House

Colorado Springs, Colo. - With the general election senate campaign in full swing, incumbent Democrat Mark Udall is calling out his opponent, GOP Rep. Cory Gardner over immigration reform.

More than 50,000 immigrant children have been caught trying to enter the U.S. illegally since last October.

Sen. Udall favors a comprehensive immigration reform bill the Senate passed a year ago. But, GOP leaders in House of Representatives will not call for a vote. The impasse over immigration remains a mystery to Udall. 

"If the House of Representatives were to vote it would pass," Udall said. "But, Congressman Gardner and the leadership in the House have been reluctant to hold a vote. We need to provide certainty to the families and the businesses that are here and to those who work on the border. Comprehensive immigration reform would do just that. We are a nation of immigrants."

The two men are locked in a tight race. Several polls show Udall holding the slimmest of leads.

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